Introducing #eventprofstalk digital festival: to spark creativity, grow your network and set your skill set for social media mastery in the events industry

After concluding the successful #eventprofstalk hackathon there was suddenly a void. During the hackathon we had a steep learning curve and enhanced networking opportunities that we didn’t want to end. We immediately started to think about what’s next for the #eventprofstalk community and the events industry!  

We are constantly willing to try new things, experiment with new event formats and continually look for ways to add more value for you, providing a platform for personal growth by up-skilling and creating networking opportunities. 

The second #eventprofstalk online hackathon is already in the planning stages, and with our approaching live conference in Bern from 27-30 August, we want to shorten the wait and anticipation by providing you a further opportunity to master the pivot to digital. 

We’re excited to present to you the very first #eventprofstalk Digital Festival! 

As we all are getting the hang of pivoting to digital, we want to challenge you and your skills. Over the course of the week of 22, June, we want you to challenge yourselves to host virtual events across Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Be as creative as you want, share your skills, get out of your comfort zone to learn something new and share the process with fellow #eventprofs. 

Why a digital festival? To avoid another sign-up form and webinar fatigue, we want to make it simple and fun. Being able to access it on your phone, either as a speaker or a participant, we want to make the experience as flexible and convenient for you. You don’t need to sign up for any of the sessions, and can hop on and off any time you want allowing you to be in control of your time, design your own programme and choose the way you prefer to consume your content.

You will be introduced to some of the most forward thinking event planners who will host the sessions, and you will be able to host a session by yourself, sharpening your virtual presentation skills.

The festival will run from 22-26 June 2020, to provide a great variety of topics and ensure that there’s no overlap of the sessions. We want to provide everyone a chance to participate as a speaker or host. 

How will it work?

Over the week starting 22 June we and our community will host educational sessions on Twitter in the form of Twitter chats and on Instagram in the form of Instagram Live. 

Some sessions will be hosted from our account (Twitter: @themiceblogHQ, Instagram @eventplannerstalk) and some sessions will be hosted on the accounts of our speakers. So you will be able to move from one session to the next, learning and meeting something or someone new at each stop. 

And to add a fun element to the whole virtual experience and set your skill set for social media mastery, there will be also a week-long TikTok challenge for #eventprofs! Don’t worry you won’t need to dance or sing! We’ll explore ways how to use this platform for B2B purposes to engage the younger demographics. More details to follow. 

While all sessions will be free and open to join on social media, we’ll have an exclusive group on Slack where you can purchase your ticket to join. All participants can exchange further about the sessions and connect with the speakers for more in depth insights and exclusive networking. By joining the group you will be able to start networking leading to the event, and have the opportunity to co-create the content. Not all sessions are set yet, so it’s your chance to co-create, collaborate and decide what topics the industry needs to talk about!! 

Secure your ticket and be sure to save the date and stay tuned for more information!

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